• Roberta Stemaly, Tekonsha Township Treasurer

  • 127 E Jackson Drive, PO Box 91, Tekonsha MI 49092

  • 517-767-3366

  • Email: treasurer@tekonshatownship.com

  • The treasurer is required to receive and take charge of all funds belonging to the township, including the collection of taxes and other receipts, and any investments of funds according to the directions of the Board. The treasurer must also pay out funds as ordered by the Township Board. The treasurer must also maintain a separate record of all receipts and expenditures in a separate book. Finally the treasurer issues Dog Licenses on behalf of the county.

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  • Marcia Bail, Tekonsha Township Assessor

  • 127 E Jackson Drive, PO Box 91, Tekonsha MI 49092

  • The Township Assessor is employed by the Board of Trustees and is accountable to the Township Board. The Assessor is charged with the duty of assessing property, both real and personal, processing Property Transfer Affidavits, and like forms, and presenting a completed tax roll to the supervisor for appropriate handling.